What is Homestay?

Homestay is an excellent way to make friends, learn about Singapore’s multi – racial culture and at the same time practise your English/Mandarin while living in a safe and comfortable environment.

Singaporean families are generally kind, honest and friendly, and they enjoy meeting people from different countries. Students have their room furnished and they are responsible for keeping their room neat and tidy. Laundry services is optional and can be included in homestay costs, although some families will do the student’s laundry for them (especially the younger students). Usually the family will provide meals.

During the week, students receive breakfast and dinner, and on the weekends, students will join the homestay family. Students are encouraged to help the family with everyday tasks, like setting and clearing the table, and to participate in the family’s lifestyle.
We are available to meet with students and their parents to discuss and plan a comfortable “home away from home” environment.


Vincent has spent the last 30 years working for various multinationals both listed as well as local companies in managerial and senior positions. Since Year 2002, together with his wife, Selina, they have decided to provide a “Home-away-from-home” environment for foreign students.

Selina, having worked in both Singapore and Malaysia, enjoyed a wonderful experience in the credit card, hospitality and aerospace industries, providing administration, sales and customer support functions. They have two lovely children, Krystle, aged 23 years, and Ian, aged 21 years.

Our Beliefs

Homestay is the most important part of an international students’ stay in any foreign country.
Homestay can be one of the most rewarding experiences in a student’s life.
Our family emphasizes on building a life-long experience for our homestay students.